Ways of Keeping the Table Top Look New

Tables are used for a number of purposes including dining, arts, and crafts, cooking, working, etc. Therefore, it is imperative that they should also be maintained accordingly. As a thumb rule, it is important that we use cutting boards, coasters and trivets for all types of surfaces so that the tabletop is amply protected. There are some simple ways of taking care of table tops that are mentioned below.

  • Granite – Acidic products like coffee, fruit juices, cooking oil, wine or tomato sauce can create permanent stains and so it is important that a granite specific cleaner is used to clean the surface. It is important to wipe off the blot immediately with a soft cloth or sponge and use the cleaner after that. Avoid harsh chemical based cleaners as it can take off the sheen.
  • Wood – Wooden surfaces may suffer minor scratches over a period of time due to regular wear and tear. Application of wax and oil at regular intervals on the table top can help in filling up the scratches and absorbing the moisture thereby helping in preserving the natural wood grain.
  • Glass – Scratches due to building up of lint or grit is very common on the glass surface. An effective window cleaning solution should be used on the tabletop and wiped off with a soft cloth to get a shiny feel. Standing or sitting should be avoided on them and weight of an item should be proportional to the size of the table for perfect results.
  • Stainless steel – Spills should be wiped off immediately with a damp cloth on a stainless steel table top, and a dry cloth should be used to keep it dry. Care should be taken to get rid of any scratches or rust. Lemon oil or natural orange can be used on it to get a nice fragrance that can be inviting.

Simple tips can be applied to each surface depending on the surface type to keep it looking glowing and new.

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