Some Leading-Edge Materials for the Future

For home and office interiors, research is being conducted worldwide for products that can be lightweight and have enough utility. Accordingly, many new materials have been discovered that can help in this endeavor. We list here some of these materials that have been discovered recently.

  • Morning Ritual – It is a durable and robust biodegradable composite from which many types of home goods can be made. It is made from newspaper waste and used coffee grounds. The composition of this material has 40% polyvinyl acetate, and 30% each of the remaining two said materials. It is used for making homeware products, sound panels, furniture, book covers, etc.
  • NanoFlowX GlassX – It is a type of ‘liquid glass’ screen protector which is non-toxic in nature and forms a nano protection layer of the surface screen. It is made from pure silicon dioxide which is a normal compound found in quartz sand. Typical applications of this material include eyeglasses, LED lenses, touch screen displays, mobile phone components, etc.
  • PRISMA – It is one of the best forms of recycled HDPE for making different types of consumer products. Custom color matching and patent color sorting can be done for creating at least 40 million shades. Different types of exclusive plastic color can be created from it. Injection molding and blow molding products can be easily made from it. Items for packaging, toys, decking, personal care, and industrial usage is made from it.
  • Ocean Bound – It is also like PRISMA but is verified as being made in the At-Risk-Zone of entering oceans so that a customer can trace the roots of the product easily. The applications of this product include injection molding and blow molding items for personal care, decking, packaging, recycling bins, etc.

All of these materials have been discovered very recently and are used in a lot of applications so that there are sufficient utility and cost-effectiveness.

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