Keeping Your Child Away from the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid drugs are very much like opium which is a product of the poppy from opium. Some of them are painkillers while others are illegal. There are three types of drugs in opioids

1) From the poppy plant, opiates are produced. e.g., morphine.

2) Semi-synthetic opioids are modified types of opiates. e.g., hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc.

3) Synthetic opioids are fully human-made opiates. e.g., fentanyl, carfentanil, etc.

Some of the opioids may be more dangerous than the rest but as a confirmation, every one of them can be abused, and practically all of them are addictive. Therefore, it is important to keep children away from them.

  • Limit the exposure to these drugs – One of the best ways to limit their exposure is to keep them in a safe and secure place so that your children may not find them easily. Also, any types of prescription painkillers should not be thrown away here or there. Care should be taken to dispose of them properly. Even prescriptions that are no longer needed should be thrown off in a proper way.
  • Talking to the child and making him aware – It is very important to have direct and straight conversations regarding these drugs. Their ill-effects should be communicated to them so that they are well aware of them. There are instances when celebrities and sportspersons get embroiled in drugs. Such occurrences should be discussed with children so that they can understand the ill-effects of drugs. If your child likes any sport or is a brilliant mind in class, apprising him of all the negatives about opioids can be very helpful.

These conversations can help in building up a child’s view regarding drugs and can stay embedded in his mind for a very long time. Therefore, discussing the ill-effects of opioids is very much needed with the child so that awareness is built regarding the substance.

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