Important Things to Know About SEO


Search engine optimisation has become a necessity for many businesses that want to remain relevant in the business world. Since the internet launched many businesses were able to increase the reach they had with their audiences and increase the consumer’s loyalty. When people trust a brand they are more likely to recommend them to their friends and family and continue to interact with them on a long term basis. But how do you get to that level of trust?

SEO refers to organically improving your ranking displayed by search engines when people are looking for a particular keyword. The higher up on the results list you are the more likely people are to believe that your brand and website is trustworthy. There have been some incredible studies that show just how few people look on the second page of the Google results.

So with that in mind you may be thinking, oh boy I need to start SEO for my website. Before you get started, an Australian SEO and marketing company has some important things that you need to know.


It takes time

A very important factor that you need to be aware of with SEO is that it is a long term process that won’t happen overnight. You should be aware that the rough estimate of time before you start seeing any results is 3 months. Don’t go into it expecting things to be change right away. The websites that are on top of the results pages for certain keywords have been doing their efforts for many years to retain that position and that level of trust.

Don’t be discouraged with the time frame of the process either. SEO is a long term strategy that when done correctly can be very beneficial for your website. Sticking with it can be one of the most intelligent decisions you will ever make for your website.


Ethical verse non ethical measures

Now if you read that the minimum time to see results is 3 months you may be wondering if there is a way to speed up the process at all. Well technically there is but it is not recommended. There are two main arches of SEO strategies and methods that are known as White Hat and Black Hat tactics.

White hat refers to the things that search engines deem to be appropriate such as backlinking and optimising the content on your website to appeal to certain keywords. Black hat on the other hand are the methods that aren’t so ethical which includes invisible text and spam links. While black hat methods may give you an initial short term boost, if Google or another search engine finds that you have been using these techniques your website could be penalized with no appearing on the results page at all.


In house verse expert

Now you know what SEO is and how long it takes to do it, the next logical thought is how do you do it. There are two main ways you can do the SEO efforts for your website. The first is getting an in house team that is a part of your business or team to work on it during regular working hours. While this may save you money, your field of business may not be anywhere near relevant to these methods and leave your efforts wasted.

Opting to go with a third party that specialises in SEO allows you to focus all of your business’s efforts on what you do best which is running it. The experts have been doing these methods for years as well and know the ins and outs of everything that goes into it.

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