How to Keep Your Home Dust Free

Dust particles can lead to low immunity and allergy, and therefore it is very important that the daily cleaning routine of a house is developed in such a way that there is no chance of dust build up within a house. It is very much possible to get rid of dust particles by following some simple tips that are as follows.

  • Using door mat – Using a heavy-duty doormat can help in filtering out dust from shoes and slippers. Moreover, using a runner or small rug in the alley can further help in getting rid of any remaining dust.
  • Wearing ‘inside shoes’ – Having a set of slip-on for wearing inside the home is a very good idea. The outside shoes can be kept in a cabinet near the doorway and slip-on can be worn at home so that there will be very less dust accumulation.
  • Stay organized – Decluttering spaces can help in reducing dust to a large extent. Keep the floor and shelves clean and place items in airtight plastic containers so that there is no dust build-up.
  • Change bed sheets regularly – Regularly change bed sheets every 3-4 days and avoid shaking the old sheet while taking them off for washing.
  • Beat cushions and rugs -Cushions and rugs can absorb a lot of dust due to their soft fibers. Try placing them over a railing in an open space and beat them with a stick or broom so that much dust can be taken out.
  • Using window fabrics – Wooden blinds can be useful compared to fabric curtains on windows so that they can be vacuum cleaned easily.
  • Clean the pets – Shedding from pets can create dust accumulation. Hence, it is important that regular shampoo and brushing is done on them so that dust is not formed in huge amount.

Apart from all these tips and tricks, using the right cleaning products like a good humidifier or vacuum cleaner instead of dry rags or feather dusters can also be helpful in keeping a place free of dust.

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