How Exactly Do You See An Online Doctor?


The idea of an ‘online doctor’ is something that has only recently become prevalent as a viable alternative to seeing a practitioner in-person (and jumping through all the hoops that entails). It is based on the increased reliability and ubiquitousness of video-call/conferencing technology that pretty much everyone has on their smartphones (which are almost always on their person).

This has led to the rise of the telehealth industry; wherein medical professionals can communicate with and effectively diagnose patients via video call technology. While not all issues can be dealt with in this manner, a growing number of people are taking advantage of the convenience that telehealth services provide them with.

So, in this sense the online doctor is just a shorthand for any kind of regular practitioner you would see, except you are seeing them through the internet rather than in-person. Naturally this is superior to the traditional method of seeing a GP for a lot of reasons.

The following will examine some of the reasons seeing an online doctor is better than going the traditional route.


No more waiting rooms

One of the best things about seeing an online doctor is that you don’t have to endure the nightmare of a clinical waiting room. Being stuck in a room with old magazines, medical broadcasting, annoying kids, and other sick people is never fun; skip the queue and use a telehealth service instead!

You don’t want to run the risk of getting another illness or spreading your illness by being forced to go to the waiting room. Using a telehealth service is far superior to the traditional route in this regard.


Less embarrassment

If you are going to the clinic for a potentially embarrassing issue (like erectile dysfunction or an STI test), then it’s understandable why you might feel a little uncomfortable and intimidated. Even though GPs won’t show any judgements and are there to help you, it can still be difficult to sit in the same room and explain sensitive issues to them.

Using a telehealth service to speak to an online doctor adds an extra degree of separation between you and the GP, allowing you to speak more openly and freely. In this way, telehealth services have been an important part of helping people be more honest and proactive with their sexual health.


Recover faster

Obviously, when you see and online doctor over a traditional one, you save a lot of time you would have otherwise spent booking an appointment and then travelling to the clinic. Instead of dealing with the waiting room ordeal, you could be on your way to the pharmacy to pick up the medication that your online doctor has prescribed for you during the digital consultation you had just moments earlier.

This means you will be on the road to recovery and feeling better in a much shorter amount of time. This is one of the best reasons to use a telehealth service.


Stay in bed

When you need to take the day off work because you feel too ill to travel to work, it doesn’t make sense to be forced to travel to a clinic to see a GP. An online doctor gives you the ability to request a medical certificate that you can present to your boss, all without needing to leave your bed.

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