How Consumers Can Condition and Clean Their Leather Sofa Purchase

leather sofa

Purchasing a leather sofa from Desired Living can be an opportunity too good to pass up for homeowners.

When there is a lack of quality and prestige in the living room and mothers, fathers and children want to be able to enjoy a relaxing seating arrangement, it is hard to look past a quality leather sofa brand.

However, these items do require some tender loving care to be conditioned and maintained during regular to semi-regular intervals.

If they are after during their use, they can be valued assets that maintain their perfection for years to come.


Cleaning Spills ASAP

According to Desired Living, what separates an authentic luxurious leather sofa from a cheap faux knock-off is the capacity for the product to soak up liquids. This creates chaos for residents who have invested heavily in the asset and want to ensure that the seating arrangement does not become damp to ruin the experience. Spills that take place when sitting on the sofa from water and alcohol to fizzy drinks and juices have to be dealt with as soon as humanly possible. A damp cloth and paper towel are necessary for non-water spills to avoid any stains that will damage the brand long-term.


Avoiding Exposure To Regular Sunlight

There are some residents who become a little too comfortable with their leather sofa and whilst it is hard to blame them given the quality of the experience, they should not be placed in environments that expose the brand to direct sunlight. The leather can weather and erode over time, producing an ugly fading look that makes for a poor aesthetic and an uncomfortable sit. They are by their nature an indoor item that should be kept in a controlled setting away from a direct source of sunlight during the day.


Vacuuming With Light Brush Option

There is the threat with some standard vacuum cleaner models that will see sharp ends and edges tear and cut through the fabric of a leather sofa. At best this will still create small scratches that can be exacerbated over time and the value of the leather will slowly deteriorate. The good news about having a vacuum cleaner that includes a light handheld brush option is that it allows users to dig deep into the small crevices around the seating, finding where all of those food crumbs and accumulated dust has gone.


Keep a Cloth Handy

When dust and debris begins to build up and sits on the surface of the leather sofa, that can eventually seep into the pours of the item. This is why it is always advised for homeowners to keep a cloth handy just to have these elements kept off the investment and avoid that scenario altogether. Such an activity does not need to be carried out on a regular basis if the sofa is positioned in a clean living room environment but once every week or two it is worthwhile giving the surface a smooth clean.


Getting Creative With Cleaning Solutions

Having outlined the need for a handy cloth, light brushed vacuum cleaner and removal of spills for a leather sofa, there are some creative solutions that can be applied to maintain the quality and integrity of the material. The cloth itself can be complimented by a mixture of olive oil and vinegar in a small bowl, slighting dabbing the item and applying it to the surface. This is to ensure that the natural shine emanates. For stains there are mixtures of clean soaps and water that can tackle these unwanted marks. Then for something a little out of the box there is the cream of tarter and lemon juice mixture that provides a bleaching effect for the product, tackling stubborn stains if left applied for an extended period of time.


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