Pro Container by Moll

Pro Container. The mobile, sleek storage unit to complement your child’s desk and chair.

Champion Desk with Pro ContainerThe pro container will securely fit, store and organise your child’s stationery and documents, keeping their desktop space distraction free to work and create.

Pro container is on wheels to move to where your child needs its most. Pro Container fits with ease under height adjustable desks and in combination with fully ergonomic adjustable chairs and lighting, the complete working environment for your child is created.

Pro Container features

  • Two drawers with shock absorbing self closing features for materials up to A3 in size
  • A lockable utensil drawer with a hidden secret compartment
  • Lockable castors for easy and safe access at all times
  • Drawer fronts in  aluminium colour
  • 6 easy change handle colour applications included
  • 5 Year Warranty

Pro Container Dimensions

  • 43cm x 54cm x 43cm


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