Multi Deck for Winner Compact Desk

The Multi Desk assists with the provision of another height adjustable option to extend desktop depth and reduce the risks for your child associated with eye strain and poor posture.

Extending the depth of the Winner Compact desk, Multi Deck is a height adjustable desktop extension with a safety railing.

Multi Deck adds depth to your child’s desk, whilst able to be installed at various heights.

When correctly adjusted to your child’s postural needs, Multi Deck positions monitors at the depth and height appropriate to your child’s vision, reducing eye strain and postural injuries.

Multi Deck is a natural extension for increasing the desk top surface whilst providing a flat surface for desks that have full length table top tilt including the Winner desk range and the Champion desk range.

Multi Deck extends the depth of the Winner Compact desk

  • For flat storage of items and practical use with tilted desktops
  • Supports monitors whilst allowing the appropriate distance between the screen and your child’s eyes to be accommodated
  • Manages appropriate ergonomic fit between your child’s eye level and monitor height
  • Prevents items from falling off the back of the desk
  • 5 Year Warranty


Note the Multi Deck is not able to be used in combination with the Flex Deck.

Cost shown does not include Extensions, Add-ons, Accessories, Delivery/Shipping.

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