Mobilight Lamp by Moll

Mobilight. Providing the ideal lighting conditions for your child to excel in their choice of activity.

Mobilight is an innovative sliding desktop lamp for left and right – handed children, that brings the light to your child where its needed, without shadows or flickering.

5 Year Warranty

Mobilight Features

Flexible PositioningEconomically BrightClever AdjustmentsMultiple Styles

Mobilight Arm by Moll

Individual illumination

Mobilight slides up and down the desktop providing light where and when your child needs it.

Moblight has clever swivel joints and a 90° reflector to move and provide the optimum illumination of your child’s work space.

Mobilight is specifically designed to fit height adjustable desks by Moll and makes a perfect accompaniment to the Champion desk range and the Winner desk range.

Mobilight by Moll

Low-energy illuminant

The 11 W low-energy illuminant bulb in Mobilight has the strength of a 75 W bulb.

Mobilight Base by Moll

Mobile clamp mount

With the clever clamp feet, Mobilight clamps onto the desktop with ease and slides along the desktop to where your child needs light. Mobilight suits panel thicknesses from 13 to 23 mm.

Suitable for left- and right- handed users

Mobilight is easy to fit for left or right – handed users, preventing a shadow being thrown out by your child’s arm.

Champion Desk with Scooter Chair

Seven beautiful colours

Mobilight handle and reflector trims are included in seven bright fun colours to complement your child’s workstation and room colours and designs.

Mobilight Technical details:

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