Maximo 15 Chair Covers by Moll

Maximo 15 Chair Covers. Feel like a change of colour or style for your child after purchase?

Would you like to pass your chair onto another child or would like a fresh look? Maximo 15 Chair Covers provide the ideal option to enhance, upgrade or change your child’s Maximo 15 Chair.

Maximo 15 Chair Covers boast the choice of 10 block colours and 8 patterns to fully manage your child’s desire for fun and colour. Maximo 15 Chair Covers provide a full colour and design complement to the height adjustable, tilting tabletop desks from the Champion or Winner Range.

Maximo Chair covers are:

  • Easy to change
  • Machine Washable at 40C
  • Have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate
  • Rated on the Martindale abrasion cycle resistance from 50.000
  • Made from Polyester and some from a Polyester and Cotton blend

Download the full PDF of Maximo fabric colours and designs.

Cost shown does not include Extensions, Add-ons, Accessories, Delivery/Shipping.

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