Flexlight Lamp by Moll

Flex Light, the LED desk light with USB port and night light that adapts to your child’s needs – day and night.

When your child’s eyes are relaxed an appropriate posture is facilitated, assisting in the prevention of neck pain, eye strain, headaches and less than optimum learning states.

The Flexlight desk lamp illuminates your child’s field of vision without shadows or dazzle, providing the perfect light for your child’s eyes, posture and learning.

The Flexlight desk lamp is specifically designed to fit height adjustable desks from the Champion and Winner range and is an ideal accompaniment to the folding book holder.

5 Year Warranty

Flexlight Features

Desk MountingVariable LightingAdded FunctionalityNight Light

Light Base

Flex Light adjusts perfectly to any requirement and working situation.


The clamp ball joint mount and the flexible swan neck arm allows the Flexlight lamp to bend exactly to were your child needs light it in order to see well.

The light is positioned with such a high level of precision whilst providing a vast range of illumination options so that your child’s eyes won’t tire quickly when reading, writing or creating.


Bright light or soft light?


  • The Flexlight can be dimmed from a mighty 100% to 5% illuminance and anywhere in between
  • Flexlight is flicker free and shadow free
  • A worthy investment. The LED light on Flexlight saves on electricity – up to 85% on a 60 watt bulb


Flex light has cool additional functions


  • Featuring a USB-charging station for iPod, phone and other electronic devices
  • 2x USB A power outlets (not a data USB)


Flexlight and a nightlight


With a rainbow of colours on hand your child can choose the colour they like for their nightlight – whenever they like!

  • The smart operational switch is back-lit in an array of colour choices, even when it is switched off
  • This feature can be deactivated if desired

  • Light: W62cm x H42cm x D5.5 cm
  • Light head: 15cm x 5 cm
  • Weight of light: 0.65 kg
Flex Light Technical Specifications


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