Cubic Container by Moll

The mobile, stylish drawer container that fits under desks and works as a helpful seat.

Cubic Container with Drawer Open

  • The Cubic Container fits perfectly underneath height adjustable desks, even at the lowest height
  • A dual use resource working as a container and the perfect seat when combined with the Pad S cushion
  • Cubic Containers 2 drawers are self-closing, and offer storage space for formats of up to A3
  • Features a locking utensils compartment
  • Cubic Container is mobile, bringing your child’s resources to them when and where they are needed with lockable castors
  • Cubic Container comes with 8 different easy change handle colour applications.
  • 5 Year Warranty

Cubic Container Dimensions

  • 43cm x 54cm x 43cm

**Only to be secured from a desk height of 56cm or more
Cost shown does not include Extensions, Add-ons, Accessories, Delivery/Shipping and is from:

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