Champion Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk

An ergonomic sit stand desk. Reduce the effects of sitting marathons on the health of your child with the Champion non-electric, height adjustable sit and stand desk, featuring a tilting table top in 3 versions.
RedDot award Winner
Moll’s Champion Desk  was awarded a RedDot prize at the international design awards.
The Champion desk grows with your child from the early school years into the teenage years.

NEW  to further enhance the Champion desk is the Panel for the back of the desk, plus NEW matching colour features for the Side panels and Cubic container seat cushion !

  • Perfect adjustability for sit stand use
  • Adjusts in height from 53 cm – 82 cm, for children approx. 109 cm – 200 cm tall
  • A generous size desk with 121 cmL  x 72 cmD of desktop space
  • Available in 3 tilting desktop versions to 16 degrees as standard. For right-handed, left-handed and alternating-handed users
  • Able to grow with your child when fitted with optional extension additions in 3 versions, providing further desktop space, storage and function
  • Supports the optional addition of the Giant Drawer
  • Available in white as standard with the option of 11 other side panels in woodgrain and coloured versions
  • Includes 8 inter- changeable colour applications strips both the desk legs and height adjustment caps ( The Yo-yo )
  • Cubic Container rolling drawer unit available as an optional addition in white with further options to purchase seat cushions, in 10 colours and designs
  • NEW Champion Panel for the back of the desk available as an optional addition
  • Complementing Orga set organiser available as an optional addition
  • 5 Year Warranty

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Combine the Champion Desk with the Scooter chair, Maximo chair, plus the Cubic Container and either the Flexlight or the Mobilight to create the perfect environment for your child to work and create.


Features of the Moll Champion Desk

Table Plate OptionsAdjustable HeightsTilting DesktopPersonalise your DeskEnhance your Desk

Available in 3 different versions of adjustable desktop tilt

Champion Desk Left UpThe desk that provides choices for

  • Right-handed users
  • Left-handed users
  • Alternating-handed users

Total desktop space: 120cm x 72cm

‘Right up’ and ‘Left up’ versions in addition to tilt, feature a large flat desktop area for additional practical desktop storage and working space

champion-front-up champion-left-up champion-right-up

Champion Front Up

The front surface of the desktop ( shaded ) can be tilted at an angle. The rest of the desktop remains flat.

Desktop tilt: 120cm x 52cm

Angle: Up to 16 degrees

Champion Left Up

The left surface of the desktop ( shaded ) can be tilted at an angle.  The rest of the desktop remains flat.

Desktop Tilt: 69cm x 52cm

Angle: Up to 16 degrees

Champion Right Up

The right surface of the desktop ( shaded ) can be tilted at an angle. The rest of the desktop remains flat.

Desktop Tilt: 69cm x 52cm

Angle: Up to 16 degrees

YoYo on the Champion DeskEngaging YoYo on Champion Desk

Introducing the Yo-yo

Adjust the desk height for sitting or standing tasks via the removable pull system adjustment unit system ( Yo-yo ), located at the side of the desk.

  • With just a pull of the cable, the height will adjust seamlessly up and down to suit the changing needs of your child when working standing, sitting or perching
  • The desired height for your child or between children can be set by reading off the increments located on the leg of the desk
  • Remove the Yo-yo with a quick click to prevent desk height changes that are not necessary and for increased child safety
  • The Yo- yo can be used to adjust the desk height from the left or right side of the desk

champion_tiltChampion Tilt MechanismChampion Desk Tilt Controls

Tilt Adjustable Desktop

  • Adjust the desktop angle up to 16 degrees to find the perfect position for your child for reading, writing, crafts or play
  • The desktop can be tilted with ease by pulling on the left button at the front of the desktop and lowered by pulling on the right one
  • TÜV-tested
  • No occur gaps between the panel sections when the desktop is not tilted

Personalise your Champion Desk

Design and Colour by Moll

  • Choose colours to individually mix and match to your child’s colour theme
  • Every Champion comes with a box of colour foils for the leg runners and the matching cover caps for the Yo-yo

Further Colour options for your Champion desk

  • Champion comes in white, with white side panels as standard and is now available with 11 other optional wood or coloured sides creating a new opportunity for design.
  • Purchase the Champion all in white as standard, or select a coloured side panel when you order. ( prices apply )
  • Purchase the coloured side panels when you first buy or purchase further coloured side panels later ( prices apply).
  • View the Side Panel Options

red and pink side panels champion desk
New Colours 

  • The Champion range now comes with three NEW side panel additions for 2015 in Red, Pink and Birch Multiplex! ( prices apply ).

Items listed here must be purchased separately to the Champion Desk

Desk Extensions

Champion Multi Deck

Add an extra panel at the rear of your Champion Desk.
Side Top for Champion Desk
Champion Side Top

Add an extra panel at the side(s) of your Champion Desk.
Champion Flex Deck

Add a multi-function wall unit to your Champion Desk.


Desk Add-Ons

Champion Giant Drawer

For practical storage space across the width of the desk top; can be fitted at any time without the desk having to be taken apart. Includes foam inlays to prevent items sliding. Supports up to 6kg in weight.
Champion Giant Drawer Cover

Complete cover for the Giant Drawer as a sight-screen and dust protection when the desktop is tilted.
Champion Cable Duct

Conceals sight into the cable-duct, whilst keeping the contents dust free.
Orga Set in Winner Desk Draw
Orga Set

A practical box to organise and store your child’s writing and painting stationery.


The Giant Drawer, Giant Drawer Cover and Cable Duct Cover can be mounted independently of each other.

Included with every Champion Desk

Moll Book Holder

Folding Book Holder

When used in conjunction with a correctly adjusted desk height the Folding Book Holder encourages good posture when reading and copying from books/ documents

  • Light weight and simple to fold
  • Will not slide off when the desktop is tilted
  • For use where your child wants to work

Height Adjustment on Champion Desk Leg

Patented Leg Increment System

Easy read markings on the desk leg for simple adjustment between children or between sit and stand heights to ensure the correct position

Magnetic Anti-Slip Document Holder

Magnetic Anti-Slip Tool

  • Magnetic anti-slip feature that keeps books safely in place when the desktop is tilted
  • Works as a ruler and/or magnifying glass with a scale for both left and right handed users

Champion Cable Duct Holder

Hidden Cable Duct

Safely stores away cables and other items out of sight at the back of the desk

Champion Coloured Feet

Coloured Leg Runners

A box of 8 colour foils to change on the leg covers

Box of coloured YoYo disc covers

Matching coloured caps for the Yo-yo

A box of 8 coloured caps to change for the Yo-yo

Bag Hook

Keeping your child’s bag and items close at hand and safely out of the way


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