Power to the People

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Mainline mobile power track

Kids rooms and play spaces tend to be filled with technological gadgets and electrical devices

Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay!

As parents, we also rely heavily on electronic devices. Think of how many devices are plugged in at your home and office at any given time.

In addition to devices, how many places do you visit that you would like to have increased easy and safe access to power and data?

Cafes? Gyms? Treatment rooms? Libraries? Universities? Schools? Conference rooms?

Just to name a few.

At Home

In the kitchen there is the usual cable competition going on and the kids bedrooms also become a myriad of cables, devices and potential disaster!

No matter how many sockets you fit, or how well you plan their locations, somehow you end up with more appliances than sockets and can’t get them to reach.

More often than not the lounge and kitchen also becomes the re- charging point for kids devices.

As if there wasn’t enough electrical and space competition already!!

The Risk?

The cable competition creates lengths of electrical cables and shuffling of devices in order to fit in with the physical environment.

Trip hazards, overloading power boards, piggybacking power boards and quite an unsightly mess, not to mention frustration.

The Solution?

Shape your environment to you, without you having to keep calling in the electrician to add or reposition sockets.

Access power and data safely, when and where you need it and not the other way around. Install Mainline Power and Data Track.

Mainline Power and Data Track


Mainline is an Australian innovation that allows you to simply and safely add, remove or reposition power and data sockets wherever you want, whenever you want and without limits.

In any environment, it is a track that can be seamlessly installed into walls, skirting boards, ceilings or trunking systems in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional fixed sockets.

Data Needs

Mainline Premium Data Sockets allow you to move your network access points along the track providing you with the best data coverage anywhere you need it.

There is no longer a need to move your workstation to the ‘hot spot’ with the strongest signal.

Mainline is a track that:-

  • Utilises the electrical circuitry already existing in your home and office.
  • Will accommodate the use of just as many devices as your exiting electrical cabling can load, but with flexibility and a capacity of up to 32 amps.
  • Can be fitted almost anywhere, work around corners and be coated in many colours to fit in with your design and colour schemes.
  • Comes in 2-meter lengths that can be altered to meet your needs and can be fitted around corners.

Mainline Power is suitable for renovations, refurbishments and new constructions.

Acorn Ergonomics is proud to work with Mainline Power to supply this innovative Australian system.

Contact us today for further information or a quote.



Mainline Case Studies. Click on the PDF’s to view.

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