Is your child struggling with school work?

Healthy Postures for Children


'Research demonstrates that the ability to concentrate is the strongest predictor of success. It is more important that IQ or socioeconomics'


'Children can better concentrate when working with good posture minus discomfort, poor fitting furniture and related distractions'

When kids are distracted by poor posture from incorrectly fitting furniture their achievement suffers.

Does your child show any of the following:-

  • Struggle to achieve?

  • Lack concentration?

  • Appear distracted when working at their desk?

If so, a mismatch between their posture and their furniture may be the cause.

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YOUR Homework

 - Sit or stand for a period of time at a desk that is too big/ small, high/ low.


 - Sit on a chair at work or in a meeting that is too hard, wobbly or big/ small, or simply uncomfortable.

  • Can you stay focused?

  • Can you work to your potential?

To Think On

Have you had ergonomic furniture supplied to your at your place of work?

  • How did it benefit you?


Children are no different!

Their need for good posture is even greater than yours during the developmental years of their body and their brain.

Adjustable furniture designed specifically for kids that encourages appropriate posture and movement may assist with increased levels of attention, concentration and learning.

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Winner Desk Scooter Chair
The greatest time of physical development occurs during childhood. It is essential to protect and support a growing body and spine during this time.

Furniture that is completely adjustable

Children's furniture by Moll is specifically developed to support appropriate posture that can promote attention, concentration and learning.

Desks by Moll 

  • Easily height adjustable

  • Feature tilting desktops , some with options for left or right handedness

  • Stylish and with colour change options

  • Able to be added on to as children's needs change

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Chairs by Moll 

  • Height adjustable

  • Feature seat pan depth adjustment for ultimate seated posture

  • Feature seperate backrest adjustability

  • Stylish and with fabric options

  • Castor or sliding glider options

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Moll Scooter 15 Ergonomic Chair
Engaging YoYo on Champion Desk
Blue Maximo Chair
Champion Desk Left Up