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Healthy Kids

How long does your child sit for in a day? 

Children's Sitting Marathons

The ever increasing reliance on technology and increasing amounts of homework means that its more commonplace for your child to be engaged in "sitting marathons" from a young age.

It is important to keep our children moving to minimise the health risks associated with sitting.

The World Health Organisation ( 2015), reports that :

Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally. Increasing levels of physical inactivity are seen worldwide. Globally, 1 in 3 adults is not active enough.

Further research currently associates daily sitting time with increased risk for developing many significant health issues including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

actie healthy kids playing running with a kite

Health Promotion for Children


At Acorn Children's Ergonomic Furniture, we support and promote initiatives such as 'Healthier. Happier.' The promotion of children's health starts with the role modelling of parents and family members.

Happier Healthier, is a State Government campaign about change and improving the health of Queenslanders. The aim is for you to stop and think about what activities you participated in in the last week and to then perform an honest evaluation of them.

A couple of our start up suggestions on how to improve the health of your child and of yourself?

  • Engage in more activities using large muscle groups at regular intervals throughout the day. Every Day.
  • Spend less time in stationary postures including extended periods of sitting
  • Spend less time using technological devices

Keeping your child healthy


Furniture that encourages movement and is easily adjustable by the child can assist to keep your child healthy. 


Ergonomic furniture, with sit stand desk options, provides opportunities for children to :

  • Learn good active movement, posture and work habits from an early age
  • Undertake some of their desk based activities in a standing posture instead of continuous sitting


Adjustable ergonomic furniture can assist your child form good habits and keep moving with health and vigour.

Standing at Moll Desk to Work
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Full Product Range

Children's furniture when adjustable and ergonomic, creates many possibilities to assist your child in developing good health, posture, learning habits and skills.

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