Want to learn how to adjust children's furniture for maximum benefit?

Kids Ergonomics

good-seating-postureStart by adjusting your child’s workstation to look like this. Individual needs will require  an assessment.


Good habits are formed young 

Looking to buy the most Ergonomic kids furniture on the market …

But don’t have a health background or qualifications in Ergonomics to be sure its adjusted correctly to support the individual needs of your child?

At Acorn, full Ergonomic Assessments are offered by qualified Occupational Therapists with further training in Ergonomics.

Focusing on kids ergonomics ensures the individual needs of your child are considered in the process of furniture selection.

Kids Ergonomic Assessments by the Acorn team allow you rest assured that health professionals with vast experience in Ergonomics are helping you and your child to make the most appropriate choices.

Whilst there are teach yourself textbook guides, we recommend that you do not limit your child’s health by using a text book checklist.

A textbook checklist for kids ergonomics is only a simple starting point that will not achieve the most appropriate posture and fit for your child.

To find out more about complimentary Kids Ergonomic Assessments at Acorn, contact our friendly team today.