Parents Corner

Healthy Parents. Healthy Kids.

You are interested in the health and well being of your children when you look for ergonomic adjustable kids furniture. Your interest doesn’t stop there because as parents you know how important it is to also look after yourself.

You are the role model.

You are also the caregiver, the income earner, the future and your health is of utmost importance to the wellbeing of your children.

Parents Corner is designed to be added to as we increase the range we supply. It features products for home design and modification and furniture and fittings for families and parents.

Just as it is important to have your children’s needs assessed, so to it is important that your specific individual needs are assessed.  Team members from Acorn Ergonomics also consult to Sante’ Group, providing ergonomic assessments, manual handling training, injury prevention and management programs and health prevention programs.

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Mainline Moveable Power and Data Track

Mainline  - Mobile Power and Data beyond limits.

Mainline moveable power and data track delivers power and data safely to your home and workplace.

Where you need it.  When you need it.

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Mainline mobile power track