Finding a healthy balance

by / Tuesday, 06 October 2015 / Published in Children's Health
Moll desk adjusted for standing

In Queensland Australia, the last term of school for 2015 just started! Finding a healthy balance for the kids between work, play and recovery is important.

Being the last term of the year it will be very busy with end of year festive, sports and academic activities.

For some children the time spent working on desk based tasks will increase with upcoming exams, assignments and projects.

Finding a healthy balance between work, play and recovery is very important.

Fresh air, exercise, adequate sleep, healthy food, time with friends and family plus down time away from all screens is essential.

Standing whilst completing tasks for appropriate periods of time may also assist some children to improve energy levels, concentration and performance.

If you have already invested in a height adjustable desk for your child, consider adjusting it upwards for measured periods of standing – if this is appropriate for your child.

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Moll desk adjusted for standing

Moll Champion Right Up Desk. Cubic storage with pink seat pad. Flexlight.

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