Fully adjustable Children's Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Assessments


We are committed to your children’s ongoing health and education!

At Acorn, full ergonomic assessments are offered by qualified Occupational Therapists with further training in Ergonomics.

This ensures that the needs of your child are considered as the most ideal furniture is prescribed and appropriate adjustments are made.

In addition, the Acorn team will always provide relevant education to you about the concepts of healthy ergonomic postures to assist you in making educated and informed decisions.

Flexible Ergonomics Assessments - Choose the Option that Works For You

Complimentary Assessments: In-store

In-store Complimentary Ergonomic Assessments (valued at $220 ex GST) when you purchase from Acorn or at an organised demonstration with your child.

Future in-store Ergonomic Assessments are provided at no charge as your child grows and their needs change.

Post Purchase Assessments:

Home Ergonomic Assessments are also offered post purchase by appointment.

Consult your private Health Insurer for Occupational Therapy rebates.

Prices start at $220.00 ex GST

Setting a positive

Ergonomic Assessments are available to family members at home or in the workplace by appointment.

Ensuring the whole family is cared for.

Prices start from $220.00 ex GST.

Remote Assessment

If you and your family live in a remote area or have medical reasons that prevent you from attending in-store for an Ergonomic Assessment.

Skype consultations may be offered by appointment at Private Health Insurance rebate rates.

Acorn's Ergonomic Assessment Process

Improving the fit between your child's individual needs and their physical environment.

Ergonomic Assessment

Your child is provided with a comprehensive Ergonomic Assessment by one of the Acorn team's Occupational Therapists.

Your child's assessment takes into consideration their individual needs inclusive of any relevant medical or educational information provided.


You are provided with a Benefits Card for your child, known as the Mighty Oak Pathway.

The pathway details the furniture, equipment and ideal ergonomic adjustment measurements recommended at your child's Ergonomic Assessment.

Ergonomic Performance Review

Post purchase phone/ email contact is provided to ensure your satisfaction with your order and its assembly.

If you require further ergonomic intervention at this stage, In-store, Home and Skype services may be available to you. ** conditions apply