Add more design features to your child's working space!

Colour by Moll

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.
I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too…

Children have a natural love of colour.  Bright and bubbly, soft and quiet  - A colour for every creation - A colour for every expression.
A furniture range with the option of interchangeable colours and designs naturally appeals to children. With so many colour combinations to choose from, your child can design their room on a daily basis!
Fantastic for when you need to redecorate, create a new room for another child or just feel like a splash of colour day by day!
coloured eye

Desks, chairs, lights and containers in the range have many options catering to your child's desire for expression through colour.

  • Adjustable Desks come with complimentary ' Yo-yo ' caps, leg runners/ drawer feature strips in 6-8 different trendy colours
  • A variety of colour options are available on versions of desks, drawers, handles and extensions
  • New in 2015 for the Champion Desk is a Panel for the back of the desk featuring a Panel Organiser in a beautiful design options
  • Maximo and Scooter chair covers can be ordered in a variety of colours and patterns with optional extras for other days
  • Containers can be ordered with a variety of matching seat pads to go with desks and chairs
  • Flexlight has the option of a rainbow of colours on the night light feature
  • Mobilight has 7 fun colour options to choose from every day