Beautiful and fully adjustable Ergonomic Kid's Furniture

Kids Furniture – Why Moll?

Ergonomic Kids Furniture: Quality, safety, durability, versatility AND a 5 year warranty


Designed specifically for growing children with posture, learning and comfort in mind. Ergonomic Kids Furniture by the German company Moll, is the smart investment for your child's health and your finances.

Furniture that grows with your child will make sense tomorrow.

Moll offer complete adjustable ergonomic workstations for your child that grow and adapt to your child's needs as they progress through their educational years, from the primary levels until they graduate. 

Moll furniture further boasts a wide range of intuitive extensions, with the unique versatility to accommodate your child's individual future space and functional requirements.  

Innovative and task specific lighting, functional storage options and accessories complement the range and solidify Moll's position as a leader and role model in the field of Children's furniture.

From Little Acorn's Might Oaks Grow

Acorn Children's Ergonomic Furniture in Brisbane proudly distributes furniture by Moll throughout Queensland, helping children establish optimum working environments in order to grow with good health and flourish in their chosen pursuits of learning.


Moll workstations
Champion Right Up Desk Scooter Chair Flex Deck Side Top Container Flexlight

Ergonomic Kids Furniture. 5 dimensions of adjustability.

With tremendous versatility allowing for a full and complete ergonomic fit. Ergonomic Kids Furniture by Moll can be adjusted across 5 dimensions accommodating the needs of your child and not the other way around. 

Height: Adjustable height kids desks, fully adjustable kids chairs and vertical desk extensions, specifically designed for children, allows for the individual health and learning needs of your child's working environment to be met.


Width: Extensions can be added to the left and right sides of desks to increase your child's functional working space and accommodate their growing educational requirements.


Depth: Extensions can be added to the back of desks to ensure a good fit between your child's technological set up and the health needs of their developing bodies.


Colour:  With inter- changeable colour and design applications,  your child is able to create their very own colour and design arrangements and make changes with ease, as they wish.


Function: Tilting desktops, height adjustable ergonomic kids desks and chairs, intuitive lighting, storage and accessories that are designed with only the needs of children in mind, from the pre - school age until graduation.

Award winning with a 5 year warranty


Moll. Leaders in the design and construction of kids furniture.

40 years of German design, construction and delivery of quality award winning furniture has established Moll as leaders that you can trust.

The state-of-the-art systems of research and technology, resulting patents and a prestigious international Red Dot Design Award for the Champion Desk, amplifies the attitude put forward by Moll :

"We confront the challenges of the future and develop tomorrow's solutions today."


Long lasting, high quality furniture that not only looks good but feels amazing!

Proudly designed and constructed in Germany from durable and high quality, environmentally friendly materials that grow with your child through their educational years, Moll delivers the best return on investment.


Unrivalled warranty's and replacement guarantee's

With a 5 year Quality Guarantee and a 5 year Availability Guarantee, Moll kids furniture stands out from the crowd and provides the security you need and should expect for your investment.

Champion Desk Multi Deck Scooter chair Container Flexlight
Champion Desk Scooter Chair Multiple colour and fabric choices

Freedom of colour and design by Moll


Complimentary Colours

Moll provides many complimentary colour options to the full kids furniture range. The changeable colour and design features are easy to change and help to add individuality, life and inspiration to your child's working environment.


Inter-changeable Colour and Design features

Colour and design features that are inter- changeable, maximise the use of furniture and add enjoyment to children's workstations whilst reducing the risk of being 'stuck' with outgrown colour combinations or having to frequently upgrade.


New additions

In addition to the complimentary colour options provided with each purchase, further choices are available, such as the base colour/ grain of the desks, the desk Side Plates and Panel Organiser for the Champion Desk range and an array of child friendly fabric covers for the Scooter Chair.

Colour and design choices are gradually added to each range, keeping in touch with the naturally evolving design needs of children.