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About Acorn

Angela Forbes

Occupational Therapist. Ergonomic Consultant.

Why I started Acorn Ergonomics

Angela Forbes
As parents, we yearn to see our children grow into healthy happy pain free adults, with every opportunity ahead.

It is certainly one of my most important priorities for my children!

In a world driven by technology and sedentary lifestyles, this priority needs increasing dedication to achieve. What does the future hold for our children if we do not participate in preventative health initiatives?

Sitting Marathons
We have not yet witnessed the outcomes of children participating in sitting marathons from such early ages, using technology designed for adults. Nor the consequences in relation to poor learning and the detrimental side effects on the physical, social and emotion health of our children.

About Us Angela 1


As an Occupational Therapist trained at Curtin University, with further education in Ergonomics, physical therapies and Access Consulting, I have been able to provide clinical expertise to a wide range of people with many different health issues. 21 years of public and private experience in the Australian and UK health systems has further grounded my skills.

The provision of physical treatment modalities in private practice and the completion of thousands of Ergonomic Assessments, has further highlighted to me the importance of preventative health care in growing children - to prevent the negative health states I so frequently see in adults.

about us kids 2What I know for sure, is that the adults I have treated and provided ergonomic interventions for did not spend the time our children now do in sedentary activities, or using technologies. I know that I am busy helping adults in states of pain, emotionally negative states, losses of function and losses of work/leisure performance. I know that most would turn the clock back if they could and prevent their problems from developing.

We have the ability to shape the future for our children in so many ways. We can certainly do our very best for them with the resources and education we have available to us. Prevention of cumulative trauma injuries, disease states and negative emotional states is imperative.The provision of appropriate and complete ergonomic furniture for education, play, arts, technology use and fun is one essential component in assisting children to grow from little Acorns into strong, mighty healthy Oaks.

about us kids 3

As a mother, I was looking for ergonomic furniture for my children and realised there was little on the market that met the specific needs of children with the necessary design features that existed in adult ergonomic furniture.

In the process, I discovered the German company Moll and was so impressed that I became involved in the sharing of it's quality and functional ability to others in Queensland.

I am very proud to combine my personal and professional experience with my skills, to provide children's ergonomic assessments and recommend fully ergonomic furniture as appropriate, to you and your children.

-May your children too grow from little Acorn's to Mighty Oaks!


The Acorn Team

Accredited Occupational Therapists with further training in ergonomics and physical treatment modalities.

With over 20 years experience across public and private health sectors in Australia and the UK, we utilise our knowledge, skills and practical experience to provide:-


Ergonomic & Medical Professionals

Our team is uniquely able to help your child

We provide a comprehensive approach to Ergonomic Assessments and the prescription of children's furniture through our direct experience and observation of the many factors that lead to changes in health over time.

With extensive experience in the health arena, the Acorn Ergonomics team is also well versed to work seamlessly with your child's treating health provider or school educators if applicable.

Our team is further able to make referrals as needed to health professionals to ensure that you have the most comprehensive facts to make educated decisions about the health and wellbeing of your child.


Complimentary Ergonomic Assessments

Ensuring the best fit between your child's needs and the selection of furniture

Complimentary Ergonomic Assessments are provided at Acorn Ergonomics to prospective customers and purchasers to ensure that the most appropriate furniture is recommended and utilised to its full potential.


Distributors of Moll Furniture in Brisbane, Queensland

Based in Brisbane and mobile via appointment.

The Acorn team offer Educational Sessions, Demonstrations and Ergonomic Assessments with Moll children's furniture in Brisbane homes, medical centres, educational facilities, health centres and public facilities.

Whether you are looking to explore the range, purchase or are just getting started and need some complimentary education please contact us for a friendly chat.