We are recently published in Sourceable - 'Classroom Ergonomics: Getting Children Posture Perfect' by A Fedele.

Is your child struggling with school work? Help your child succeed today. 

Ergonomic Assessments. Postural Education Programmes. Manual Handling Training.

The Acorn Children's Ergonomic Furniture Store, Brisbane QLD, boasts the experience of Occupational Therapists with further training in Ergonomics, Postural Education  & Manual Handling.

Parents, grandparents, teachers and more! Acorn assists your kids by determining the right furniture via assessment, improving posture and habits via education and reducing occupational risks by training teachers and care givers in good manual handling techniques.

Ergonomic Furniture & Fittings | The Right Choice

Moll - German inventors in 1974 of the worlds first height adjustable desk for children and young adults to have a tiltable desktop and anti-slip feature, that also grows with them.

Mainline Power - Australian innovation delivering power and data where and when its needed.


Moll Champion Desk -winner of a Red Dot design award

Adjustable desks, chairs, lights and storage units.

Mobile Data and Power where and when its needed



Rotafile Organisational Furniture by Moll

Supplied by Acorn Ergonomics  - New for 2016!

The Desk that Grows with your Child

Furniture that Grows with your Child

Moll Furniture's unique adjustable form allows it to correctly adjust and 'grow' with your child over the years, making it the only furniture system they will ever need!